The following screenshots show the key Human Design App functionality.

Human Design App
Main Screen

Do you make the right decisions for yourself?

Human Design integrates Astrology, I Ching, Chakras and Kabbalah. It provides a unique view of what is defined and consistent in the human body and what is influenced by the environment.

Human Design reveals who you really are and how to make decisions for yourself.

Human Design Chart

Your Human Design Chart shows the defined and undefined Centers in the body. Each Center is responsible for a particular experience: Emotional, Instinctive, Inspiration, Thinking, Sacral, Pressure, Will Power, Identity, Manifesting.

Activated Centers provide reliable and consistent energy in the human body. Human Design teaches that to make correct decisions, people should not make decisions from their mind, but from the other centers which are defined in them.

For example, people with defined Emotional Center should listen to their emotions because the emotions they feel are their own. They must give time to the Emotional Center to process the experience and then make a decision.
human design centers
current transits

Current Transits​

Human Design Current Transits show in which gates are the Sun and all the planets currently located.

Using the Human Design App you can explore how the Current Transits are influencing your Chart. You can go back in time or see what transits will influence you soon.

Context Information for Centers, iChing gates, Types, and Inner Authority

Human Design App shows you the right information when you need it.

Tap anywhere to read about your Profile, Type, Authority, Definition, Centers, Gates and Planets.

The app is fully translated in 13 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Hebrew.