What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that can help you to understand your unique self, and to live in a way that is in sync with who you are.

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. On the most practical level, it shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self.

It offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not—and we’re able to live out our real purpose in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Human Design, there are a few things that you can do. You can start by having your chart calculated with our app, and then begin to explore the resources that are available in it to help you understand your unique design.
Human Design App

Human Design App

Interactive Chart

Tap anywhere to read about your chart.

Just in Time

Get right information at the right time.

Detailed Explanations

Read about your Profile, Type, Authority, Centers, Channels and Gates.

Explore Your Relationships

You can use our proprietary relationship algorithm to visually understand your relationship chart. Three variables are calculated for a composite chart:
  • Bonding shows the stickiness of the relationship.

  • Attraction shows how much electricity there is in the relationship.

  • Friendship shows how much the partners are alike.

Human Design Features

By the Numbers




Natal Charts


Composite Charts

App Features

Powerful tool in your pocket

Human Design Chart Calculations

Create unlimited free charts for your family and friends.

Chart Save and Load functionality

Natal, Return, Current Transits Composite Charts

Detailed Chart Descriptions

Context information in 13 languages about Centers, Gates, Definitions, Type, Authority, Profiles, Planets and more

Composite Charts

Combine two human design charts and explore your relationship with detailed descriptions

Current Transits and Transit Overlay

Explore how the planets are currently influencing you

Planet Returns

Saturns, Uranus, Chiron and Solar Return charts


Contemplate on current situations and key events in your life

Relationship Chart
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Human Design Charts

You will get access to free Natal charts. Return, Current Transits, Return and Composite charts are available with subscription.
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What our users say

Over two thousand 5-star reviews.
SB plants

SB plants

Oct 6, 2021

This is a great app for beginners and for people who are doing Reading, gives you all the information you need about your bodygraph. Easy to use and store all your friends and family and clients. Know anyone’s HD in a few seconds!!! Well worth the money and if you have any problems they respond quickly to help you out. Also are always updating and adding new features. I love it!



Nov 28, 2021

I have to say that I am quite impressed! I have been a student of human design for more than 14 years... And outside of the windows pc ecosystem, there are not a lot of options to run a chart that doesn’t not require an internet connection, and this app does just that!!! Very impressive! The transit tool as well with its slider is a really well thought out tool!

Broald Dahl

Broald Dahl

July 1, 2022

Excellent for anyone delving into Human Design. I’ve been using this app for several years at this point and just wanted to say thanks for all the additional tools, on-going iOS support/fixes, and continuous software updates. Each update with new information is a pleasant surprise and very much appreciated. Papyrus typeface will always remind me of James Cameron’s Avatar, but there no better iOS app for HD as far as I know. Hats off to the dev team!



Aug 3, 2021

I’ve been studying HD for around 6 years and have used this app for just about as long. I have some apps/software/subscriptions that do more things (and cost way more money), but I often come back to this app for so many things, because I love the interface and it does most of the things I do daily. It’s also so very beautiful. I would love if [and look forward to] it providing even more advanced stuff (like tones, colors on the rave psychology part, variables, and incarnation cross - in addition to fuller descriptions of the gates and channels, rather than just keywords). But I want to be clear that it provides soooo much already - that stuff would just make it so I wouldn’t have to use my other apps/software/etc as often. While I am putting out ideas of what to add, may I suggest adding folders or some way to organize charts? I have sooooo many.



May 2, 2022

And so will you. Human Design is a VAST system, it seemed almost incomprehensible the amount of information one would have to learn... This is why I love this app so much, it’s one of my go to resources as I’ve been teaching myself! Even more amazing is the app is Alive, the developers have responded to inquiries so quickly, it’s the only app I use that I feel a live person is there I can ask questions to, plus new stuff added all the time! Yes you want this app!!!!!

How to read a Human Design chart? Step by step guide.

A Human Design chart, also known as a "bodygraph," is a graphical representation of an individual's unique design. It is created using the date, time, and place of birth, and is used to understand an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Reading a Human Design chart can provide insight into an individual's decision-making style, relationships, career path, and overall approach to life.

To read a chart, you will need the following information: Date of birth: This is the most important piece of information needed to create a chart. Time of birth: The time of birth is also important, as it allows for the precise calculation of the chart. Place of birth: The place of birth is used to determine the local time zone, which is necessary for calculating the chart.

With this information, you can use a Human Design chart calculator to generate the chart. The chart will show the following information: Centers: The chart is divided into four main areas, or "centers," which represent the Sacral, Mental, Emotional, Splenic, and other areas in your body. Each person has one dominant center, which influences their overall approach to life and decision-making.

Gates and Channels: The chart is also divided into 64 "gates", or iChings, which are associated with specific qualities and energies. Each gate is identified by a number, and the lines connecting the gates are called "channels." The gates and channels show the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of the individual. The channels show the connections and relationships between different areas of the chart and indicate the flow of energy within the chart.

The Aura: The chart also shows the individual's aura, which is the energy field around the body. The aura can be Reflector, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Generator, or Projector. Each aura has its own unique qualities and characteristics.

To interpret the chart, you can start by looking at the dominant center. The dominant center will give you a general understanding of the individual's overall approach to life and decision-making. For example, if the dominant center is the Sacral center, the individual is here to work. If the dominant center is the Emotional center, the individual is here to listen to their emotions.

Next, you can look at the gates and channels to understand the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Each gate is associated with specific qualities and energies, and the channel connecting the gates show the flow of energy within the chart. For example, if the individual has a strong channel connecting the Emotional and Throat centers, they may have a talent for communication and be successful in their endeavors.

You can also look at the aura to understand the individual's overall energy and approach to relationships. Each aura has its own unique qualities and characteristics, and the aura will give you a general understanding of the individual's interaction with the world. For example, a Manifesting Generator may be more proactive and energetic in their approach to life, while a Projector may be more reflective and observant.

Overall, reading a Human Design chart can provide a unique and in-depth understanding of an individual's unique design and how they approach life. It can show you who you really are.